The people behind

A small but highly skilled team with a combined 20+ years experience in the startup industry - all hungry to make a lasting change.
Mikkel Mads
Co-Founder, CEO
Kasper Nikolaj
Co-Founder, CPO
Nicolai Ramsby
Co-founder, CTO
Peter Brinck
Lead Developer
Kristoffer Nilaus
Advisor, Unicef
Mikkel Olsen
Advisor & Head of +Impact

Philosophy & Values

We believe that it is more important now than ever to face the big challenges we have in the world today. To get back to basics and embrace the values that makes us human.

Love, compassion, and tolerance are the building blocks of humanity. Something we strive for every day.


We believe in deep personal relationships in order to get to a true understanding of one another.


We believe that passion is one of the most important factors to achievement in a world full of noise.


When times gets tough you can either give up or you can push through. We always push through.

We are located in the heart of Copenhagen

Swing by for a cup of coffee, we are happy to connect over a great story.

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